Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP Lookup or Reverse DNS Lookup Tool helps you discover all the domain names hosted on any given IP address.

What is Reverse IP Lookup Tool?

Every machine located within a TCP/IP network has a differently assigned Internet Protocol address. The IP address allows one connected computer or smart device to communicate with another device over the internet.

It is used to pinpoint the location and differentiates between literally billions of digital devices. A forward IP Lookup is where the DNS (Domain Name System) is queried for a hostname's IP address.

As expected, Reverse IP Lookup is where the hostname of a particular IP address is queried. In other words, it returns the hostname of the specified IP address. You can then click on the results to find out more about that IP address. Having the information of where the IP address came from helps companies turn this data into revenue and sales.

Shared hosting is shared with other websites on a single server having a single IP address. It can be an excellent way to target websites for information, where even if the target website appears to be secure, you can still try to attack a less secure site on the same server.

Features of Reverse IP Lookup:

  • Find All Domains - You can track all the domains hosted on a given IP address. You could even track all the domains that come and go on a competitor’s site.

  • Expand Research on Target Domain - You can find other domains owned by a particular individual.

  • Used for Finding Spam Emails - It is virtually impossible to differentiate between spam servers and genuine servers from IP address alone. However, with Reverse IP Lookup results, some generic reverse DNS names can give you an indication that the mail server is spam.

  • Improved & Targeted Marketing - Gaining massive data on domain names visiting your website can provide a lot of insight into your site's industries. You get a complete idea of your audience. Equipped with this knowledge, you can now create content based on their needs, likes, and preferences, what formats to use, what language captures their attention, and, most importantly, how to convert these leads into sales. Using a reverse IP lookup will also help you in formulating your content strategy.

  • Communications Based on Individual Accounts - Suppose you have a specific account, business, or client you want to target. You could shoot an email to them or target them through a mail campaign. With Reverse IP Lookup, you can then keep tabs on when they access your website, what they look at in your site, and what they spend time on. With this, you can tailor every communication and follow up with content that corresponds to his interest and needs.

How to Use Reverse IP Lookup Tool?

We have a large database of active domains and their corresponding IP addresses and can match the IP address. We also update the database regularly.

With this tool, you can now find the domains hosted on the same IP address as the website that you are tracking.

  • First, you have to enter the IP address to find the domain name(s) that match it.
  • Once you enter the IP address for which you want to perform a lookup, we will send the entered IP address to our server. We will try to match this with the multitude of matching domains from the domains database.
  • You will then quickly get the requested IP information within a fraction of a second.

Final Words:

The reason to use Reverse IP Lookup is that it is easier to remember a domain name rather than a string of numbers associated with an IP address. Apart from offering many benefits, it also helps your site have an extra layer of protection. This is done by blocking incoming spam messages to your site.

It provides you with readable data rather than just numbers. Data with which you can perform analytics, draw insights, and grow your business.

Having a handy tool is essential because some tools throw up reports filled with useless information. This will make it difficult for you to identify genuine prospects that may convert.