Age Calculator | Find Exact Age!

Age Calculator helps you to find the exact age of a person. This calculator calculates age for a Date of Birth on a given date in Years, Months, and Days.

What is Age Calculator?

Age is not just a number.

Age is termed as the number of years during which an event has occurred. In simple terms, it is the number of years known for the existence of someone or for the fact that someone is alive for some amount of years.

Counting your age is not as difficult as it seems to be. Many know their age. However, do people know their exact age? By the term exact age, we mean the number of years, months, weeks, and days?

Counting this is comparatively complicated to counting your number of years. But to simplify this calculation, we have programmed this tool called Age Calculator.

Age Calculator is a tool made to determine the age or the interval between two dates. The calculator will calculate the age of every given time. The tool will also calculate the future age of an event, person, or character.

How to Use Age Calculator?

Calculating how many years you will turn in the next ten years will directly add 10 to your current age, and you can figure out the answer. However, if the question is, how many years in 63 years, you might have to do some basic math.

why stress yourself when you can find out the answer by this tool? Well, yes, this tool will answer your accurate age in no time. But for this, you must know how this software works.

To find out the age on a specific date

  • For this, enter your date of birth in the given field.

  • Now enter the age you want to know at the date chosen by you by filling the date in the area.

  • Click Calculate

By performing this, you will be able to know the exact years you will turn or have turned on the given date. The tool is smart enough to tell you the exact years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds.

To find out the age by adding some years

  • Enter your date of birth.

  • Now enter the number of years you want to add to your age.

By following these two steps, you will be able to know the exact date along with the year on which you will become that year old.

Example of Age Calculator:

To understand how the tool works, we are giving a random example for your better understanding.

Amy was born on January 1 2001. Now she wants to figure out two different things-

  • Her age on January 28, 2012

  • Her age after adding 46 years to her current age.

Now for this, she will use the calculator given and add her DOB to the tool. For finding the 1st answer, her age on January 28, 2012, she will use the left side tool, whereas, for the 2nd answer, she will use the tool made in the right hand.

By adding her DOB to the at the age of tool, her answer came-

11 years, 0 months, 27 days

= 11.07 years

= 132.87 months

= 577.71 weeks

= 4044 days

= 97056 hours

= 5823360 minutes

= 349401600 seconds

And for knowing how old will she become after adding 46 years to her current age, her answer is January 1, 2047, in 26 years.


Age Calculator is not a dull or an everyday tool that only gives you the current age but will also tell you the number of years you will turn by adding a random number and how old you were at the given age.

Both of the things are required to know in our day-to-day lives, and getting it done by a tool that provides you an accuracy would be a cherry on the cake. Try this tool now.