Domain Name Generator

he Domain Name Generator looks for available domain names. You can generate domain names for your business or personal website.

What is Domain Name Generator?

Domain Name Generator checks for available domain names for new users. It gives suggestions from which we can select a suitable and creative one that matches our requirements.

Domain Naming Systems (DNS) is a global directory for registered domain names. Every existing domain name is stored and managed in the DNS. It is better to educate ourselves about the different types of domain names and different domain extensions.

Most of the time, we arrive at business domain names, creative domain names, which turn out to be unavailable. Fortunately, the Domain Name Generator comes to the rescue.

A list of effective suggestions is offered, and the only task is to shortlist and finalize it. The suggested domain names have professional credibility and are catchy too. It also creates a brand identity and would be a suitable accomplice for marketing techniques.

Features of Domain Name Generator:

  • Keywords - Often, we face a situation where there is a shortage in our thinking capacity, and researching takes time. We might only have two/three strong words initially, which would be the most-browsed words in that field. These are called keywords. The goal is to include the keywords in the domain name as unaltered as possible. This is called the Exact Match Domain (EMD). Finding an EMD is quite challenging, but with some trial and error, it can be achieved. An EMD determines the web traffic of the website as browsers have optimized the use of keywords.

  • Premium Domains - If the desired names are not available, premium domains can be purchased, but they can be expensive. Premium domains are names that were discarded earlier or are being sold by the previous owner. These are domain names of brands that have completed designing the logo and graphics according to the name. It is sold at a high cost because of its professional value and solidarity.

  • Category Selection - If there is a mild uncertainty regarding the keywords, the option to search by category is provided. We can learn about the trending names in the field, and TLDs can help view things differently.

  • Hierarchy in Listing - TLD (Top Level Domain) is the most sought after domain names, like .com, .org, etc. gTLDs (generic TLDs) are everyday use for most public sites. These domain names with popular extensions are displayed at the top of the list, followed by nTLDs (new TLDs) nTLDs are upcoming popular domain names like .email, .domain, etc. The list of trending domain names is updated to the algorithm. This hierarchy in the listing will help narrow down names according to the purchasing amount.

  • Availability of Alternatives - The keyword is cleverly altered to form a lengthy list to select from. There are various methods to change the entered keyword.

  • Privacy & Accuracy - Domain names generated for a search are not tracked or recorded. The keyword entered, and the selected domain name remains secure. The availability of the domain names displayed is never wrong and is checked for accuracy.

How to use Domain Name Generator?

The level of simplicity involved in generating domain names is one of the many advantages.

Follow the simple steps below to generate a creative domain name for your business, blog, and website.

  • A search box in the Domain Name Generator, just like a browser search box, can be seen.
  • Enter the keyword/domain in the search box.
  • Within seconds, a catalog of unregistered domain names is displayed with your keyword.
  • It can be seen that the gTLDs are shown first, followed by less popular ones.
  • Selecting a domain from the list will forward you to the domain name registrar.

Final Words:

The use of appropriate keywords for marketing and online presence should be a key factor observed throughout the process.

Ultimately, the credibility and professionalism in the name are important for SEO. The difference between the time involved in using a thesaurus for finding similar words and the time involved in using the Domain Name Generator is substantial.

In this fast pacing digital world, domain names for a specific field are depleting rapidly. It is indeed a rat race for online presence, and the involvement of user-friendly methods like domain name generator is the need of the hour.