Color Picker

Color Picker makes it easy to pick the right colors. Explore millions of colors, including HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, and RGBA values.

What is Color Picker?

Color Picker helps you to pick accurate colors for your projects. Explore millions of colors and color harmonies, including HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, and RGBA values.

Choosing the perfect combination of colors is a basic need while designing a web page it brings a perpetual impact on your audience.

If you are managing several websites or happen to be a blogger or entrepreneur, you might feel the need to create websites or blogs related to your content. Therefore, the outlook and the superficial representation of your website or blog are of the highest importance.

Decorating it with the correct theme and blending it with the appropriate colors is necessary for your website's blooming.

Colors and their meanings are powerful communication tools that can influence one's emotions, manipulate decision-making, and even evoke physiological reactions.

With the help of the Color Picker tool, you can pick up the accurate and true color tone of your preference. After that, paint your website with the precise color of your choice. Interestingly we see the happiness of colors all around us.

It can surely be tricky at times to identify all of them. Most often, we fail to differentiate between similar colors with our naked eye. Hence an array of colors always remain unnoticed from the human eye.

In case you happen to be a website designer, it is aptly essential for you to get to know the various available website designing tools. So while creating and designing a website, you often end up including the popularly known color names and yet fail to provide to the lesser-known ones.

In this way, a large portion of the color palette remains untouched, leaving your website or web page just a little incomplete. But with the help of the Color Picker tool, now you can select and adjust the exact color values.

AA good Color Picker allows you to select colors from the palette itself. You can also explore the various color combinations by searching them with their HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, and RGBA values.

Color Harmonies in the Color Theory are combinations of multiple colors extracted from their relationship on the Color Wheel. Popularly called Color Chords, Color Harmonies are helpful when you want to explore color palette possibility or can also be used as a standalone color scheme.

Features of Color Picker:

Dive deeper into knowing the features of a Color Picker and, after that, how to use such a tool to better your upcoming projects and website designing skills.

  • Choose Directly from Palette - You can directly pick up your desired color from the color palette.

  • Multiple Value to Choose - You can use the HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, and RGBA values to choose the colors directly.

  • Choose Values from Color Wheel - You can select the color from pointing your mouse to the Color Wheel.

How to Use Color Picker?

Now that you are habituated with the importance of accurate colors while designing your website, now it's time for you to know how to use this tool.

Regardless you are a professional or just a novice; it is straightforward to use the Color Picker. Just follow the below steps to get advised with any color that you wise:

  • Use the Color Wheel - Drag the mouse cursor to the various positions of the color wheel and choose the precise shade of the color you need.

  • Input the Color Code - If you already know the code for the particular color, then directly enter the HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, and RGBA values of the color.

Final Words:

The value of your content is of more importance. The first impression is the last. Therefore you must create a permanent impression in the minds of your audience.

To hit the correct spot in your audience's mind, it is essential to make your content clean, precise, and attractive. Therefore, you need to manually handpick the most appropriate colors for your content to maintain your content's clear harmony.

Colors play a fundamental role in our lives. Similarly, colors play a significant role in the internet platform, including small business websites, blogging sites, or WordPress pages.

The correct colors can create the perfect polyphony and peace in your audience's mind, thereby increasing your chances of profit and swelling up your business.

Hence, while designing the websites, it becomes essential to use the correct color combinations to bind your audience with your website's content.

With this Color Picker, you can explore millions of colors with their exact color codes and easily handpick them.