Free Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator helps generate and download different types of barcodes with labels. Create 1D and 2D barcodes online for free.


What is Barcode Generator?

Barcode Generator helps generate different types of barcodes, with labels, instantaneously.

It is an excellent tool for new businesses that want to design and generate their barcodes and share them with the customers, who can then digitally connect with them. They can also obtain additional information about any particular product by scanning the code on it.

The uses of barcodes have been evolving in a broad spectrum in the past few years, from 1D to 2D barcodes. In the retail sector, barcodes are needed in the manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, marketing, advertising, warehousing, electronics, entertainment industries, and so on.

Daily functioning becomes quicker and automated with Barcode Generator that creates barcodes for your use in different areas.

Barcode Generator can be used to create different categories of barcodes, including 2D codes, UPC, linear codes, ISBN, QR codes with several sub-categories and types. These barcodes are both scannable and printable in different formats, shapes, and symbologies as per choice.

To boost the business processes of inventory tracking, logistics management, selling, and so on, without the risks of potential errors, the application of barcode systems in organizations is a must, and our Barcode Generator plays a massive role in generating barcodes to ease your life and marketing, etc.

Features of Barcode Generator:

Barcode Generator is a simple, easy to use, and quick tool. It allows users to create different styles and formats of barcodes for their business purposes in no time and various uses.

The key features of Barcode Generator are below:

  • Quick & Useful Barcodes - One of the key features of Barcode Generator is its fast and efficient performance. One can quickly generate and share this code with their intended customers.

  • Wide Range of Barcodes - Create a wide range of barcodes for various applications. Some of the codes generated are Data Matrix, a quick response called QR codes, UPC or Universal Product Codes, EAN for International Article Number, etc.

  • Generate Different Types of Barcodes - Barcode Generator is simple and easy to work. Even new users can quickly generate different types of barcodes with a simple and, at the same time, a vibrant user interface.

  • Generate Barcodes As Per Needs - The app has a set of descriptions or categories of use for all the available code options so that users can also gain an idea of the correct code for them.

How to Use Barcode Generator?

Working with the Barcode Generator tool is simple and hassle-free. The steps and options are easily identifiable. Quickly review the steps for generating various barcodes as with the Barcode Generator as follows:

  • Select the type of barcode that you want to generate as per your needs.

  • Type in the text which you want to be encoded.

  • You can add labels to it as per choice. There are options available to modify the size and style of your barcode.

  • Click on Generate, and your barcode will be ready in just a few seconds.

Final Words:

Barcodes have become necessary for evolving businesses and industries. Do not get bothered about tracking your products, tickets, check-ins because Barcode Generator is there for all such needs.

The Barcode Generator is both cost-effective and easy to use. Its varied range of codes and features makes this tool a must-have for easy tracking, reporting, and marketing.

You can also reach out to many customers by printing these codes on different items and spreading relevant information, which would be available to them just with a simple scan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there any usage limitations of the Barcode Generator?

- No, there are no limitations; the generated codes can be used for different purposes and times with the Barcode Generator.

2. Are the generated codes scannable and printable?

- Yes, you can quickly scan the barcodes and print them in the required size and formats.

3. Is the UPC number needed in barcodes?

- It mainly depends on the type of application or use. For example, UPC numbers are needed while selling products via middle or distributors but not selling directly to the customers or tracking inventory.