Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker helps you check the age of a domain. It is a useful tool for website owners and SEOs to track the age of a domain.

What is Domain Age Checker?

Domain Age Checker helps you to check domain age on the internet. Domain Age is the amount of time of the existence of a domain.

Basically, it is how long your domain has existed. For instance, if a domain was registered in 2010, then by 2020, its age will be 10 years.

Many variables work together to add to a website's ranking in SEO. An often-overlooked factor that can impact the rankings is the Domain Age. Using a Domain Age Checker, you can check the age of your competitor's domain and the domains you want to buy.

Older domains are more likely to boost their ranking on search engines like Google. When checking out a business, if you are interested to see how long they are in existence, you can use the Domain Age Checker.

Features of Domain Age Checker:

  • Fast & Accurate - Using this tool, you can get results with just one click in a matter of seconds. These results are accurate as well.

  • Downloadable Report - You can download the report in the form of an excel sheet or send it to your email to perform more insights and analysis.

  • IP Address Information - With this tool, you will get to know the IP address, which will help you understand who is currently hosting the site.

  • Checking Past Layouts - You or your viewers can check for past designs and layouts, content, etc. You can also check how your competitor's pages looked in the past, the content, layout, and design of their pages, etc.

  • Domain Expiration Date - If you know the domain expiration date, you can use this information to renew your website.

  • Delivering More Information - The tool gives information on the domain's age. It is much more sophisticated than that. This domain tool will show you the age of the domain name and the pinpoint accuracy of creation time. You will get to know the year, month, and the exact date on which the domain name was purchased. With this tool, you will get to see the date the domain was last updated on. It will help you keep track of the latest updates for SEO activities.

How to Use Domain Age Checker?

This tool is pretty simple to use. You can check the domain age for up to 10 domains with it. It is fun and informative too.

  • Enter the domain name for which you want to check the age. You have to enter each domain URL in separate lines if checking for the age of multiple domain names.
  • Once you have finished entering all the domain names, click on the Check button to get the results.
  • You can further download the report by looking at more details like the domain's IP address, Server DNS Details, Wayback History, and Registrar Name.

Final Words:

Checking for your domain age will probably be used for knowing when the domain name will expire, and you can renew it.

Knowing your competitor's age will help you profile him; you will get an idea of how strong he is in your niche. So you can equip yourself accordingly.

Now checking for the domain age for a domain you are going to buy is very important. It is no mystery that aged domains rank better on search engines.

So, you would do well to purchase a domain that is at least five years old. All of the SEO activities and campaigns have done over the past years by the previous owner(s) of the domain to create a good link profile will be an added advantage for those going to purchase a future domain.

Moreover, a domain that has existed for a long time will naturally get more traffic, directly and organically, and perform better. It also already enjoys an established trust and a positive reputation.