Word Cloud Generator

Word Cloud Generator is a tool for creating word clouds from text. Create a collection or cluster of words drawn in different sizes.


What is Word Cloud Generator?

Word Cloud Generator generates word clouds for the content that you enter. Word cloud is a collection or cluster of words drawn in different sizes.

The word is frequently mentioned within a given text, and the bigger, bolder, and more prominent it will appear in the word cloud.

You can use the tool to generate word clouds for the text you enter. A writer can use the tool to check what words he has written over and over again. Overusing words in your article, blog, or any other content will make you sound irrelevant and unprofessional.

Identify what words you have overused using this tool and make changes to your content, if needed.

Suppose there are certain words you intentionally want to appear a lot in your content. If this word seems big in your word cloud, then you will know that you are on the right track.

Word Cloud Generator can be convenient in your SEO efforts. If your targeted keywords appear big, then great; you have used those keywords appropriately, which will help your rankings.

On the other hand, you may accidentally have turned some less important words into SEO keywords. Using this tool, you can make the necessary changes to give more prominence to the keywords that you are targeting.

Word Clouds can be inserted as a visual help and make your article more appealing and readable if you have too much text content. The tool can use the word cloud to identify words that frequently appear in the text for research or analysis on important documents and articles.

Features of Word Cloud Generator:

If you want to know what your text is about and summarize the important features and notable points, Word Cloud can help in the process. The tool is not only easy to use; it is easy for navigation and customization as well.

  • Word Cloud Size - The words that appear more frequently in a cloud will appear larger, but sometimes having too large words may make it look awkward from an aesthetic standpoint.

  • Word Cloud Fonts - The result will typically be in typography font, but you can change it to any font you want if you want.

  • Word Cloud Colors - If you are looking to use a word cloud in your document, you may want to change the background color, the color of your words, etc. You can tweak the color of individual words, frequency, rank, and more. The tool allows you to change many color options, including background color, cloud color, etc.

  • Word Cloud Layout - You can also set the layout of how you want the word cloud to appear.

  • Word Cloud Source - The source of your text can be viewed, and you can see the maximum number of words that appear in your word cloud and other information such as word count, most frequency of a particular word, etc.

  • Instant Results - You don't have to wait around for the results to show up. The tool will generate the word cloud in few seconds.

How to Use Word Cloud Generator?

Create fun and amazing word clouds with our tool and make your content stand out and apart.

  • You have to enter the content you want to perform under the text box. You can paste the text for you want to craft the Word Cloud.

  • Click on Generate, and Word Cloud will be generated.

  • Set the Advance Options to enhance how you want your Word Cloud to look, including Color, Layout, and Font.

  • You can set any shape for your Word Cloud by choosing the shape you love from the advance option.

  • For changing any settings, make necessary changes, and click on Generate.

  • Once you are happy with how your Word Cloud looks, click on save. You can save this as an image and use this in any software like Word Document, for instance.

Final Words:

We all want our content to be the best. But if it is just paragraphs and paragraphs of textual content, your reader will soon lose interest.

Word Cloud Generator is an excellent way of creating Word Clouds to bring life to your articles, blogs, stories, web pages or presentations, etc. It can be used to increase readability and make an impression on your audience.

Using Word Clouds can also help in your SEO efforts. The tool can help you understand how your content appears on a machine and how Google will see your website.

The keyword is an important part of SEO, and the Word Cloud Generator will help you visualize that keyword optimization. It can give you an idea of your written content, whether you have used the right set of keywords, and the possible impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the benefit of using Word Cloud Generator?

- The Word Cloud Generator provides you the word cloud of the text you will enter. This can be beneficial in many ways. To know more, please scroll up and read the features of the same.

2. Can I use this tool free of cost?

- Yes, all our tools are 100% free of cost, and hence, our users are not required to spend money on the same.

3. How to use Word Cloud Generator?

- To use this Word Cloud Generator, you need to scroll up and go to the how to use section. We have explained the method step by step.

4. How many times in a day can we use the tool?

- There is no such limit for using the tool. You can use it as much as you want to.