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Try Final Grade Calculator to determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a specific grade in a class.

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Your good grade depends on your final exam plays a vital role in making up your grade's large portion. So it becomes essential to find what impact it can create. If you don't know about the final exam impact, it will become even more challenging to find what grade you will end up in your current class and how it will impact your total GPA.

What is the final grade calculator?

The final grade calculator helps you to figure out the grade that you require in the final exam. It is an effortless procedure to perform the calculations.

With the help of our final grade calculator tools, you can quickly evaluate what grade you require in the final exam to obtain the grade you want in class. This will provide you with the clear view of how much preparation and study you require to obtain the desired goals.

How to calculate final grade?

To calculate the final grade, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. In the first step, choose the current class grade through either dropdowns (percentage or letter). The final grade calculator tools will adjust as per your input.

  2. Next, choose the desired overall grade after the final exam (which means estimated grade what you wish to get at the end of the semester) either per cent or letter.

  3. In the end, the key in the final exam's weight as a percentage (e.g. 40 or 50). You get these figures on your syllabus.

  4. After completing all the given steps, finally click the calculate button and start the final grade calculation. If your required grade is above 100, you will require to update your desired grade.

You can't deny that high school grades play an influential role in getting you the college admission, and your grade decides in which college you will be allotted, what scholarship you will receive and what future jobs and opportunities you might have. With the help of this grade calculator, tools are the first step to enhance your GPA.

How to use final grade calculator

Now the time is of how to calculate grades by using our final grade calculator or finals calculator. When using the calculator, the first thing you should do is understand the working of the calculator.

Our calculator consists of two modes through which you can use the final grade calculator through current grade or combined grades of previous exams. The first mode is almost similar to the second mode if you only went for one exam before the final exam. In the other mode, you have the option of adding up to 9 exams that will appear. Every exam has its separate weight towards the grade.

In both the methods, you have the own choice of using the desired grading system, which means you can opt between the percentage and pure numbers if your grading system is numeric and suppose you are using the letters and select the system from the list.

If you can't find your desired grading system at some point in time, you can directly contact our customer support team.

Now let's understand with an easy example. Say you have applied in a subject that is about to end. And you are only left with the final exam before completing the subject, and in the entire semesters, you have completed small projects and mid-term exams, so now your average grade for the same subject will be 65% out of the total points that you may obtain. Let us estimate the final exam grade is 70% out of the total grade of the subject.

This signifies that you have already obtained (1-0.7) * 0.65 * 100 = 19.5% out of overall grade. Now let's discuss the grading system in the form of 100 points; if you failed to obtain any points on the final exam, you would receive a final grade of 19.5 points. Now to evaluate the final grade you require on your final, first, let us find the passing points. Let take an example that the passing grade is 60 points.

So, it means that you require 60-19.5=40.5 to pass as your final exam carries 70% of the final grade, which means that those 40.5 points in the final grade to 40.5/0.7 = 57.9 points. So by acquiring 57.9% in your final exam, you are guaranteed to get passed in the subject. Note one thing always aims for the higher.

Example of final grade calculation

Example :In case your current grade is 95 %(A), and the needed class grade is 85%(B), what is the required final exam grade if the final exam weighs 90%.

Solution: Enter the current grade, needed class grade, and weights of a final exam in their required fields before you proceed to click on the calculate button.

The required grade needed will be displayed as 83.89 (B-).


The formula used by the calculator tools to perform the calculations is.

Final exam grade = (100% x required grade – (100% - w) x current grade) / w


Current grade = 95%

Final exam weight = 90%

Required class grade = 85%


Final exam grade = (100% x 85% - (100% -90%) x 95% / 90% = 83.89% (B-)


Current grade is 70%, Final exam weighted is 50%, Needed grade is 80%


The final exam grade is equal to the desired grade, minus 100% with the final exam weights times the present grade (g), divided by final exam weight

Final exam grade =Needed grade - (100%-w) multiple by current grade) / w

= (80 %-( 100%-50%)*70%)/50%=90%

So the final grade might be 90%.

The final grade calculation gives you accurate results based on your scores you enter in the respective fields.

Difference between final grade calculator and grade calculator

Final grade calculator

  • The final grade calculator is used to evaluating the grade required for the final exam.

  • It accepts all the grades be it letter grades, percentage grades, and other numerical inputs.

  • It also used to determine the weight of your current score.

  • With the final grade calculator, you can also evaluate what score you need for your final exam.

Grade calculator

  • A grade calculator is used to evaluating the grade depending on weighted averages.

  • This calculator considers both numerical and letter grades.

  • It can also show you the grade required for the leftover assignments to obtain a desired ongoing course.

  • Grade calculators help you to find the overall grade as per your component marks.


Since your final exams contribute more significant to your class grade, only sitting back and treating it as a hail marry will not work. The best method to enhance your grade is by studying consistently and performing well in several other examinations and assignments throughout the year.

Preparing yourself for the exams act as a buffer when the semester ends, you will be less worried, and more are the chances of obtaining high marks in the semester.

So to increase the class grade, focus more on studies and stop procrastination.