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Calculate your High School, College, and Cumulative GPA with GPA Calculator. Use this calculator to calculate & generate a Grade Point Average (GPA) report.

What is GPA?

Grade Point Average abbreviated as GPA. It is a numerical measurement that will estimate the performance of the individual in any organization. GPA is all about finding the Grade and average (the average is the mathematical calculation that can be calculated as the ratio of the sum of parameters to the total number of parameters) of the subject-wise grades that every student acquires in his academics.

In the earlier days, the organizations like schools and colleges were used to evaluate the marks of the students using numbers and percentages which resulting in a burden to the teachers to do so. So, the GPA system is replaced by a percentage system to not only make it easy but also to follow a standard.

GPA is an examination evaluating parameter that will estimate the performance of a student. GPA can be used in primary schools, secondary schools, and even higher educations for performance evaluation.

Typically, the grading system will be in numbers or Alphabets. If the grading system is in numbering, then the maximum grade that a student can score is 10 whereas; if the grading system is alphabetic, then the maximum grade that a student can score is A or A+.

What is the use of GPA?

GPA explains the rank of a student in a class and overall organization too. The grading will explain the excellence, good, average, and poor levels of the student in his academics.

If a student in an academy scored a grade of A+ or A, then it can be said that the performance of a student is excellent and outstanding. Similarly, if the student scored a grade of B, then it can conclude that the performance of a student is good. Like so, the grade decreases, the level of performance of a student is falling.

GPA is quite an important parameter not only for evaluating the student performance but also to help the Teachers or Faculty and teachers to focus more on the particular students who acquired low grades.

For example, if a student secured a grade of B or C or even less than C, then it will be a chance for the teachers, particular students, and parents to analyze the weak subject and weak place where the student is lagging off. According to this, he or she can able to focus more on academics and subjects for better understanding and better scoring in the assignments and examinations.

GPA is not limited to analyze the student performance but also it will help the schools and college organizations to promote or even de-promote the students to the next level of education from the particular class or section.

There are many organizations that will bifurcate the students using sections according to their understanding level and performance levels. That makes it an easy task for the teachers and organizations to focus more on the weaker sections than the brilliant ones to achieve good results.

We can find this type of bifurcation education in the top and medium reputed schools and colleges. It is being an important and even an essential factor to the students to secure a seat in a school also.

The GPA is not only an important factor in Schools but even an essential parameter in the professional course that allows an individual to pass the eligibility criteria to face interviews with companies and startups.

Additionally, GPA is a factor that will help the organizations to evaluate the toppers in the class so, which can help the organization to award the students with ranks using the GPA for a particular annum.

Coming to the graduation levels, when it comes to higher education like MS, and Ph.D in international levels; the GPA plays a key role in eligibility criteria. The academic GPA will help the students to secure seats in reputed colleges without paying the fees. We will observe such situations in training particulars like GRE, GATE, CAT, etc.

What is GPA Calculator?

The GPA Calculator is an automated tool that helps to calculate the GPA using a few input parameters. There are a lot of GPA Calculators that give exact output in milliseconds by its background calculation using less input.

If we assume a situation of a class of 50 and above 50 students; the teacher is required to evaluate the paper, score them and require calculating each and every student’s GPA manually which takes hours of valuable time. Meanwhile, she or he can clear the doubts of the students and even complete teaching a session to the students.

So, GPA calculator is easy to use and quicker in getting results. It will take 5 to 6 minutes to calculate the 50+ student’s GPAs instead of consuming hours of time.

How to Use GPA Calculator step by step?

GPA Calculator do consists of two variants, one was GPA Calculator and the other was Final GPA Calculator.

So, speaking about the normal and simple GPA Calculator; it consists of parameters like Course, Grade, and Credits/Hours.

  • The parameter Course can be subject that student needs to find the GPA which is an optional parameter so, no need of worrying about it.

  • Coming to the GPA, we are supposed to enter the GPA of the subject of the particular subject whether it may be A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc.

  • Next to the GPA, we are required to enter the credit of the particular subject.

Now, there is another optional blank called Previous Cumulative GPA/Credit which helps to compare the previous and present GPA.

Formula to Calculate the GPA:

(C1 * G1) + (C2 * G2) +….. (Cn * Gn) / (G1 + G2 +.. Gn) = GPA

Here, Credit = C, Grade = G

According to the Grade that we secured (or entered), the GPA Calculator will run the program behind and reveals the answer on the GPA blank. The beautiful feature that a few GPA Calculators does consist is that it will reveal the formula that it used to calculate the GPA.

Example of GPA

Let us assume a student of a particular class secured the grades and credits as following:

Grades in English - A, Maths - B, Science - A, and Social A

Credits in English - 3, Maths - 3, Science - 3, and Social 3

Now, the following procedure is to be followed to calculate the GPA of whole subjects.

Course 1:EnglishGrade =ACredit/Hour =3
Course 2:MathsGrade =BCredit/Hour =3
Course 3:ScienceGrade =ACredit/Hour =3
Course 4:SocialGrade =ACredit/Hour =3
  • It is an optional to fill the subject name in the blank of course that you need to calculate the GPA.

  • Enter the Grade that you secured in the particular subject or course.

  • Enter the Credits in the credit area that each subject allotted.

  • Now, Tap on the Calculate Button.





GPA Calculation:

(3×4+3×3+3×4+3×4) / (3+3+3+3) = 3.75

This is how the GPA Calculator will work. Now, speaking about the Final GPA Calculator; it is another automated feature that helps to estimate the required GPA and Credits to achieve the targeted GPA score.

  • Enter the secured GPA in the current examination or assignment.

  • Enter your targeted GPA in the respective blank.

  • Enter the credits of the whole subjects.

  • Enter the credits that will help you to achieve the required target. This will be an estimated one.

  • Now tap on the Calculate Button to see the results.

Additional GPA/Grade needed to get targeted GPA:


Here, the current GPA is the GPA that we secured in our real-time, the target GPA is the GPA that we targeted or wished to secure in the examinations. Similarly, the current credits/hours and additional credits are secured and targeting parameters.

After successful entry of all parameters, we have to tap on the Calculate button so, the automation tool will run the program and reveals the additional GPA that is required to score to achieve the targeted GPA.


The manual GPA Calculation is a time-consuming process that requires the formula and lots of mathematical steps to calculate the output. It involves multiplication, addition, and division which require a minimum of 5 minutes to find out the output.

When it comes to the organizations particularly schools and colleges, the student’s performance is evaluated in terms of GPA whereas; the manual calculation will definitely consume minutes and even hours because each class does consist of tens of students and each class consists of 5 to 6 subjects.