GPA to Letter Grade Calculator

GPA to Letter Grade Calculator calculates GPA and generates a Letter Grade report based on Grade Point Average, and the achieved grade.

What is GPA?

The GPA is a numerical parameter that helps to evaluate the performance level of a student or any applicant. Generally, the GPA is the short form of GRADE POINT AVERAGE; where GPA is mostly used in the education systems for evaluation of the student's performance in assignments and examinations. Usually, the Grades and GPA will be defined in terms of numbers.

For example; Student A secured a grade of 4 in the subject Mathematics and Student B secured a grade of 3 in the same subject then we can conclude that Student A performing well in the subject Mathematics when compared to Student B which means; as the number of Grade or GPA increases, the performance is being better.

Usually, the GPA is evaluated up to a total of 10 in a few organizations and 5 in few more organizations. The students securing 5 out 5 or 10 out 10 will be counted as Excellent performers. As the GPA falls, the performance also decreases.

What is Letter Grade?

The letter grade can be said to be another type of performance evaluating system. It uses the letters like A, B, C, D, and even E to evaluate an individual performing levels in examinations, assignments, and training.

In a normal GPA system, the performance levels will be assumed in number format but speaking about the letter grade, the format will be in terms of alphabets

According to the letter grade format, if a student in class or organization secured Grade A, then he will be treated as Excellent Performer, the student who secured Grade B will Good performer, a student who secured Grade C will be Average and Grade D will be Poor performers.

What Is The Difference Between GPA and Letter Grade?

The difference between GPA and Letter Grade is simple and it is easy to evaluate them.

  • The main difference between GPA and Letter Grade is that the GPA is assumed and evaluated in terms of numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. and the Letter Grade is assumed and evaluated in terms of Letters or Alphabets A, B, C, etc.

  • If the letters in the GPA are increased, the performing levels will be taken as better whereas; in the letter grade, the higher the grade, the better the performing levels which means the Letter Grade A is better than the B.

Even though the GPA and Letter Grade is different to each other, both were performing evaluating parameters that will be followed by organizations like schools, colleges, institutes, and Universities according to their requirement. Few may follow the GPA system and few may have opted for the letter grades.

What is the use of GPA and Letter Grade?

As told earlier, the GPA and Letter Gradeformats are used to evaluate the performances. It is not only limited to evaluation but also used for many requirements and they are as follows

  • The GPA and Letter Grades will estimate the toppers in a class or organization which will help to appreciate and encourage better performance.

  • It is used not only to encourage but also to find the average and below-average students in the sections or classes.

    For example, if a student in a class secured a GPA of 5 or even less out of 10 and a Letter Grade of B or less then it explains the student is performing not well so, it is a parameter to the faculty of the organizations to focus more and find the weak areas of student’s performance.

    So, the student can focus on weak points to level up his grades in the upcoming assignments or examinations.

  • Coming to the colleges and universities, the faculty will not focus on the student’s performance instead, the student himself require to focus on his growth with the help of his GPA and Letter Grade.

  • If we once look after the higher studies like masters, and doctorates; the GPA and Letter Grades are the parameters that will allot the seats to the applicants in the respective branches or streams.

  • They are also used to get seats in well-reputed universities in foreign countries using the entrance tests.

How To Use GPA To Letter Grade Calculator?

It is simple to convert the GPA to letter grade but when it comes to the organization, it is a time consuming and difficult task to evaluate each and every student or individual’s performance manually so, GPA to Letter Grade Calculator will the organizations to complete the bundle of evaluations within minutes.

For that, we just need to enter the Grade of the individual in the Grade Column and require to tap on the Calculate Button. It is as simple as tapping, the automated tool will run the program internally and reveals the letter grade in the Letter Grade column or box.

Example Of GPA To Letter Grade Calculator

Let two students in a section or class secured grade of 9 and 4 in Mathematics so it is required to convert the GPA into Letter Grade, let us see how it can be found



Letter Grade


  • Here, we need to enter the value of Grade in the Grade column.

  • After filling the grade column successfully, tap on the Calculate button then you will find the answer in the blank.

Similarly, find the letter grade of the second student, which is shown below.



Letter Grade


So, the letter grade for the GPA 4 is B. The letter grade is programmed to calculate for the maximum GPA of 10.

Here, if we observe the way the tool calculates the Letter Grade, we will find it easy and simple.

The GPA is set to a maximum of 5. If you enter the GPA of 5 in the grade column and tap on the calculate button then the letter grade will be showing A+. Similarly, if you enter the GPA of 4, then the letter grade will be A.

  • If we enter a GPA of 3, the letter grade will be B

  • If we enter a GPA of 2, the letter grade will be C

  • If we enter a GPA of 1, the letter grade will be D

So, we can say that the GPA and Letter Grades are directly proportional to each other which means, if the value of GPA is decreased then the letter grade will be decreased and if the value of GPA is increased then the letter grade will be increased.


If we observe the organizations like schools, colleges, institutes, and universities; few were rely on the GPA and few were on the Letter Grades so, it will confusing to find the GPA and Letter grading when we upgrade from one organization to another so, the GPA to Letter Calculator will help the individuals to find the results within a fraction of seconds which we call as milliseconds.

Few GPA’s are calculated to a maximum of 5 and few were 10 so, the calculator is all about making it simple and faster.