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Try the Grade Calculator to calculate your Grades, Percentage, Letter, Points, and determine your score in the final exam to get the desired course grade.

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What is the grade?

It is essential to understand how you can evaluate your current grade to know what you require in the final semester to acquire a desired overall grade. Below are some examples of using the grade calculator to determine the current course grade before going for the final exam.

To operate the calculator, enter the current percentage you obtain in the assignment, test or exam, and the figure for your final exam. For every assignment, test or exam, you need to tap on the "Add New Assignment", and hence you will be able to see your result.

You can also use the grade calculator to evaluate the grade, of course, depending on the weighted average. Grade calculator considers both numerical and letter grades. On the grade calculator tool, you also can find out the grade for the remaining assignments to obtain a required grade for the ongoing course.

How to calculate grade calculator?

To calculate the grade calculator, you need to refer to the below-mentioned steps :

  • Multiple every numeric mark by the number of credits.

  • Add all the figures together.

  • Add the highest score desired for every graded entry for the groups or grade type.

  • And after that, in the end, using the grading policy and score inserted, the current grade will be viewed, the maximum and the minimum grades you may obtain for your class.

How to Use a Grade Calculator?

A grade calculator is easy to use the tool, and it contains two modes for calculating the final grade exam required to acquire a desired course grade. These options are given below:

  • If you are familiar with your current grade, click yes ( make sure that it is the actual current grade before you sit for your final exam)

  • And in case you do not know the current grade, select No.

In the second mode, you require to find all the scores and grade of the present course, such as labs, homework, etc. After you entered all the details with each course's weight or worth, the grade calculator immediately gives you the final exam's current and weighted grade.

Example of Grade Calculator:

Percentages as Units

Another thing that needs to be considered is that percentages can be seen in the same way as other units, including feet, inches, kilograms, pounds, etc. In such a matter, you need to divide the percentage by 100.

For example 100% = 100/100 = 1 and 7% = 7/100 = 0.07. The main focus behind percentage is to constitute ratios and fractions in the form of the fraction of figure 100, as it is quite simpler to recognize in this manner.

Suppose, the fraction 4/5 = 0.80 = (0.80*100)%=80% or say 80/100. Since the fraction figures 60/100 are equal to ⅗, which is easy to understand as in every figure, there is 100 common.

Solving for the Final Exam Grade

Now to return to the track following the derivation given above for the final grade exam, F, required to obtain the desired grade, D, you can easily arrange the equations given above and enter the known terms as given:

D*WT = C*WC + F*WF

F = (D*WT - C*WC ) / WF = (80% * 100% - 70% * 60%) / 40%

Now in case you recognize the percentage, % simply as units and eliminate it accordingly as well as factors apart from the remaining percentage units, we get:

F = (80*100% - 70*60%) / 40 = (80*100/40 - 70*60/40) % = 95%

As a result, you require 95% in your final exam to get a desired overall course grade of 80%.

Minimum Possible Course Grade

The minimum possible grade, in this case, is when you acquire 0% in your final exam, or you can say it is the lowest possible grade required on your final exam. In this situation, you can do to use the same initial equation as mentioned above, but here, in this case, you need to exchange it with the desired grade D, with the minimum grade, Min as mentioned below:

Min*WT = C*WC + F*WF = C*WC + 0%*WF = C*WC

Dividing WT by both sides and entering the general terms. Thus you obtain :

Min = C*WC / WT = 70% * 60% / 100% = (70*60/100) % = 42%

Maximum Possible Course Grade

The maximum possible course grade is more likely when you get 100% in a final semester without any bonus grade, which means the maximum grade acquired in the final exam. Also, to make you understand the maximum possible course, Max is listed below to be simple as the minimum possible course grade plus the weight of the final:

Max*WT = C*WC + F*WF = C*WC + 100% * WF

Dividing by WT, which is just equal to the 100%, we obtain:

Max = C*WC / WT + 100% * WF / 100% = C*WC / WT + WF = Min + WF

As a result, Max is just the Min plus the weighted average of the final, and by entering the percentage, we get :

Max = 42% + 40% = 82%

Difference between Grade Calculator and GPA Calculator

Grade Calculator

  • Grade calculator used to evaluate the course grade on weighted averages.

  • Grade calculated considered numerical and letter grades both.

  • With the grade calculator tool, you can also find the grade required for the leftover assignments to determine the ongoing course's desired grade.

GPA Calculator

  • A GPA calculator is used to determine the grade point average(GPA) and get an updated GPA report.

  • In case you are considering the grade in the form of percentage grades, get the grades on a separate scale or in high school; kindly replace the settings to enter specific figures.

  • You can also utilize the settings of groups courses to semesters or involve the previous GPA.

Usage of Grade Calculator:

In Sally's class, there are four categories of major assignments which sum up her final grade. The first category consists of three small assignments worth 15%, and the second category is a project worth 25%. She also has a midterm and a final exam worth 30% each.

There were four groups of the primary assignments in Kavita's class, which sums up her final exam grade. The first group of the assignments involves three small assignments: 15%, and in the second group, the total sum of the project is 25%. And also, she appeared in the midterm and the final exam, which contains 30% each.

Kavita obtained the marks 7/10, 4/5 and 15/20 in her three small assignments; she obtained 80% on her project and 25/40 in her midterm exam. She is eager to evaluate her current grade before appearing for the final exam to get an idea about how much marks he requires in the final exam to complete her overall desired average marks of 75% in the course.

With the calculator tools, Kavita can evaluate her grade easily. In such a matter, she first has to evaluate the total percentage of three small assignments because they falls in the same group of assignments which 15% of the final grade. Below given are the examples of how Kavita evaluate her small assignments:

Division of the grade for every assignment by possible grade for every small assignment.

Add the grades for every assignment. After than add the possible marks for every assignment. Then divide it by the given mark by possible mark. You will get the answer in decimal.

Grade Calculation example equation

C. Multiply it with the decimal by 100 number to find the percentage.

0.7429 x 100=74.29%

Doing this, Kavita easily find her marks in each assignments group.


Eventually converting your grade needs changing habits. Using the planner or a calendar you can pen down your devotion to new habits and plans for the course. Not only make a study time you also require to stick onto it.

Give yourself personal boundaries in which you should include no use of electronic appliances like mobile phones until you have not finished your homework. It will surely require discipline but at the end it will worth your efforts.

With few must needed changes, you can make changes in your schedule to enhance your performance. After you have committed yourself for working hard, you will surely get the desired grades. And hence you will easily get your desired grade under your reach.