High/Middle School GPA Calculator

Instantly calculate your High School GPA with an online High School GPA Calculator to determine the semester grades outcome on your overall average.

What is GPA?

Grades are the essential parameters that are used in the education systems mostly. The Grade Point Average is shortly called as GPA that helps every individual to know their performance levels in the academic assignments.

The grading system is the upgraded format of percentage system whereas; the percentages are used to evaluate the assignments and examinations in the academics but later it is replaced by the grading system.

The grade point average (GPA) may be in the format of numbers or alphabets. As like percentage, the grading system does not contain 100 marks or 100%, instead of that, the grading may contain a maximum value of 5 or 10 in number format and D to A+ in alphabetical format.

Each subject is evaluated and allotted grades according to the marks that an individual scored. Then it is taken into average that can be found using the ratio of the sum of the grades to the total number of grades.

What is the High/Middle School GPA Calculator?

GPA Calculator is an automated tool that will help the faculties of high/middle school faculties to estimate the GPA's of the students. The middle and high schools are the upper primary and higher classes of the schools so, the automated tool helps to find the performance of the students in high and middle schools is called as the High/Middle School GPA Calculator.

Many schools will calculate the GPA to a maximum of 5 and also there are few organizations those who calculate the GPA to a maximum of 10. Whatever be the maximum value, the score will be equal when we compare both the grades.

A GPA of 5 or 10 will reflect the excellent performance of the student in the assignments or examinations whereas; a GPA of 4 will be the good performance of the students.

Similarly, the GPA decrease, the performance level also decreases. The number 3 will be the performance of Average and the GPA number 2 will be the performance level of Poor. The performance level is the parameter that which all the students and faculties will work for hours in the organizations.

What is the use of High/Middle School GPA Calculator?

The use of GPA is mostly used in the schools and when it comes to the high and middle classes, it is an essential parameter to evaluate their performance of each and every student precisely.

It may be possible to the faculties to estimate or find the GPA’s of every student manually but there may be chances of committing mathematical errors due to the evaluation of ten’s of students in the class.

Additional to this, the calculation of ten’s of students GPA’s manually will be a time-consuming process so, an automated tool that calculates the GPA will help the faculties or evaluators to finish the process within couple of minutes. The more uses of the automated or high/middle class GPA Calculator are as follows.

  • The High/Middle school GPA Calculator will not commit any errors and the results are accurate and appropriate.

  • The process is faster that completes the ten’s of students evaluation within couple of minutes.

  • The high/middle school GPA Calculator’s calculation is simple and do not require any simplifications and multiplications.

  • Do not consume any paper and manual work.

If the percentage of excellent and good performance level of the students if high then the reputation of the organization and schools will be increased automatically. It will help the schools or organizations to promote more and grab more number of admissions into their schools.

When it comes to the high/middle school, the competition will be more and it requires more hard work to achieve the good results.

So, the organizations are supposed to use the automation tools that will decrease the burden of faculties or teachers. By decreasing the time in calculations and evaluations of the performances of students, the faculties can focus on the results mostly, on the poor and average students.

So, we can say that the GPA Calculator will be one of the automated tools that does consists of all advantages that required to utilizing at high/middle schools.

We feel that the automation tools are costly and need to pay more money every month but it should be get to know that the performance evaluating tools like High/Middle School GPA Calculators are free of cost and can perform number of cycles or number of operations without any pro and premium upgrades.

How To Use High/Middle School GPA Calculator?

As it is told, the usage of high/middle school GPA Calculator is easy to use. The first and foremost thing need to do is that choosing a fast and well performing automated high/middle school GPA calculator. By choosing a well performing GPA calculator, the operations will be easier and simple. There are lots of GPA Calculators that will work on single tap.

We just need to enter Course or subject name, Grade that a student secured in the particular course or subject then it is required to enter the credits that each subject is allotted.

After all so, it is necessary to tap the Calculate button to run the internal programming or calculation. Within fraction of seconds, the results or GPA will be revealed. To understand it clearly, let us take an example and perform the GPA calculation. Here it is follows.

Example Of High/Middle School GPA Calculator

Let it be assumed that a student of class 9th secured a grade of A in the subject Mathematics (here we are assuming the alphabetical GPA) and the credits that allotted to the subject mathematics are 3. Now, calculate the GPA of the given score.







  • Enter the course name, grade secured in the particular subject, and credits allotted to the subject in the specified blanks (here, the credits are the numbers that allots to the each subject according to its importance. The value of credits may be vary from subject to subject).

  • After successfully filling the each detail, it is necessary to tap on the Calculate button. So, the internal program will start running the automation tool and reveals the answer or GPA over the GPA Column as shown below.



That is all what we need to do. Similarly, clear the whole inputs (course, grade, and credits that previously entered) and follow the same procedure by filling the input parameters like course, grade and credit then tap on the calculate button to find the GPA’s of the remaining students or individuals. As told, it is not only simple to use but also faster in performance and operation.


It is an important and necessary to evaluate the performance in the final exams that decide the promotion of the student to the higher levels or demotion of the high/middle schools students according to their GPA.

The GPA explains the amount of knowledge that a student acquired in the particular section or class. So, the assignments or examinations should be required to evaluate properly without any mistakes. It tells the student’s IQ level too.

There are many examples where manual mistakes lead to many destroys but a well written and well maintaining automated tool will not commit any mistakes unless and until someone wanted to do so.

So, it is advised to use the High/Middle School GPA Calculator while evaluating the GPA’s of the students or individual at high/middle schools. After using or performing the single operation, we can say that calculating the High/Middle school GPA is a piece of cake and the tool will allow to perform number of operations in one go.

We do even find many optional features in the high/middle school GPA Calculator to explore and perform more operations like comparing the previous examination or previous year GPA.