Free Link Tracker

Link Tracker helps you to track links that are important to you. Use the free Link Tracker to stay up to date with your latest link data.

What is Link Tracker?

Link Tracker is a tool to help gain valuable insights into your marketing campaigns, measure how effective your strategies have been, and tailor and improve your content to receive more traffic to your links.

Using Link Tracker, you can see whether the link is indexed, the Page and Domain Authority of links, and whether the link is currently live or not. Google penalizes you for spammy backlinks, so use this tool to analyze each link's value.

Features of Link Tracker:

Without link tracking, it is nearly impossible to know where the traffic, viewers, and leads are coming from. Instead of guessing or relying on skewed data to understand where the traffic is coming from, use Link Tracker tool to obtain factual data.

  • Retargeting - Retargeting is an essential aspect of any marketing activity. By adding a retargeting pixel to your tracking links, you can increase your potential customers and, eventually, sales by retargeting offers to your visitors and inducing them to buy your product/service.

  • Easy to Use - You can create tracking links within seconds, use them in your ads, emails, or social media posts, and analyze real-time reports.

  • Custom Links - You can generate custom links and shorten the links for your website.

  • Optimize Ads - Manage all of your links easily in the easy-to-use interface. You can optimize your ads and send our links using a rule set and targeting those ads' right audience.

  • Traffic Source - Link Tracker's key feature is that it works accurately on any traffic source. So whether your links are from social media, website, or email marketing campaigns, pre-build templates will optimize the whole process for you. Again, it works for any advertisement formats, including displaying banners, pop-ups, video ads, or email.

  • Advanced Filters - The Link Tracker is designed with advanced filters to help you track where the traffic is coming from. You can then use rule sets to determine which ads and links are to be shown for whom.

  • Detect Click Fraud - Click bots can be detrimental to your marketing campaigns. They are responsible for click fraud generating fake clicks. This will impact your ad campaign or webpage. You can use this link tracking tool to detect and stop in real-time, click frauds by bots, and gain insight into real traffic. Inspection of clicks is done once every 24 hours, and you will get notified of any fraudulent or suspicious activity.

  • Analyze Touchpoints - When a user makes a switch from a landing page to apps or other devices, there is a link. Links drive every touchpoint from when a customer lands on your website and discovers a product when he makes a purchase. Please keep track of every touchpoint through Link Tracker.

  • Optimizing Sales Funnel - Along with link tracking, you can add a tracking pixel to your conversion page, helping you track and optimize the entire sales funnel.

  • Accurate Tracking Reports - Get fast and accurate reports for campaign reports on conversion, traffic source reporting, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns - With Link Tracker, you can track all your affiliate marketing campaigns in one place and analyze them for actionable strategies and insights.

How to Use Link Tracker?

Link Tracker will throw you a new page with the tracking link that you have created. You can copy the link to the clipboard, make any changes to it and test the link as well by opening it.

It is straightforward to create tracking links with Link Tracking Tool. You do not need any special technical expertise.

  • Click on the button Create Link above.
  • In the dialog box, Edit Link Tracking, and the destination field, you have to type in the domain or URL for which you want a tracking link. This is where your visitor will finally land. Your tool will identify a working URL and let you know of the status even as you type. You can also type email addresses here to create tracking links.
  • Name your link so that you can identify it in the future. This will, of course, be hidden from visitors and is purely for your reference. You can target the link based on the location and device based on the options provided.
  • Click on the Save Link option once you are done.

Final Words:

It is essential to use Link Tracker for your marketing. It will help you to identify what marketing channels are helpful and productive, see where all your traffic is coming from, tailor marketing campaigns based on reports, and change in real-time the destination of a link, if the traffic needs to be redirected.

Using Link Tracker, you can create tracking links for Google & Facebook Ads, Email Marketing Campaigns, Display Ads, and anywhere else you advertise. Try the Link Tracker tool today and manage the efficacy of your marketing campaigns!