Page Rank Checker

Page Rank Checker helps you for checking the PR of a site examined by Google. Know your page rank and your competitors' PR with the tool.

What is Page Rank Checker?

Page Rank Checker is an online tool for checking the importance of a site examined by Google.

It is a looking-through calculation created by Google and later being used by webmasters to pass a decision on a site's nature concerning the backlinking and site improvement (SEO).

The Page Rank of some random site ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the Page Rank, the more a site gets an opportunity to rank on top pages in Google Search.

The high Page Rank shows a high authority site, which implies that another website's odds are being slithered and filed increments if a higher Page Rank site links to another site. This situation helps in linking other pages and, connecting between sites matters a great deal.

Features of Page Rank Checker:

  • Know Your PR Score - The tool goes about as page ranking score and aids in analyzing your page's position worldwide, helping you build the missing references.

  • Page Dependability - This characterizes Google's recognition of a page's quality, authority, enabling your page to develop by including significant missing sides.

How to Use Page Rank Checker?

Using the Page Rank Checker is as straightforward to use. Follow the steps below to use the PR Checker tool wisely:

  • Enter the URL which you want to check the page rank.
  • Click on the Check button.
  • PR Checker checks the PR score of the submitted URL within seconds.
  • Finally, follow the result displayed and act accordingly.

Final Words:

Page Rank Checker is essential to you as a webmaster because, as stated earlier. One of Google's overall most significant ranking factors of all time is backlinks. By checking the Page Rank of your website, you understand your website's backlinks and quality.

Even Google has confirmed that Page Rank still matters. The PR is no longer public but valuable for Google. Hence, it is suggested to use a Page Rank Checker to know your status as a site and give you a good idea of how others perform.