Percent Error Calculator

Calculate your percent error values using an online Percent Error Calculator. Input your values, and the percent error value will be calculated.

What is Percent Error?

Percentage Error is a measure of the miscalculation between an observed and an actual value. When we measure data, the result comes entirely from the actual value, and that error happens due to humans calculations.

However, it also can be done due to the limitations of devices used in the specified measurement. And in such cases, it becomes exceptionally vitally crucial to calculate percentage error.

Percentage Error computation consists of the absolute error, which is the difference between the observed value and the actual value.

The absolute error is divided by the real value, which gives the relative error multiplied by 100 to get the percentage error to simplify the whole process.

Although not impossible, it is still an arduous task to calculate Percentage Error by yourself, and thus, this Percentage Error Calculator will make this process simpler.

It is software that will calculate the relative error between the actual value and the measurement's observed value. With this tool's help, one can quickly assess whether the measurement calculated by them was accurate or not.

How to Use Percentage Error Calculator?

At times, when we try estimating a value of a specific quantity, we make an error and don't apprehend it till last. As a result, it gives you the percentage error when you check the answer with the real ones. Therefore, using this Percentage Error Calculator will assist you in evading such errors by computerizing the whole process with this incredible tool.

Follow the mentioned steps given below-

  • First of all, enter the measured value in the given space.

  • Now in the next given field, add the actual value.

  • Press Calculate

By filling the given fields with your measured value and the actual value, you will be able to find out three errors. i.e.,

  1. Percent Error

  2. Percent Error Non-Absolute

  3. Absolute Error

All these error values will be displayed on your screen once you hover on Calculate. This entire process will be done by the tool, and hence you don't have to bother about any inaccuracy in the given values.

Example of Percentage Error:

Q.1: I thought 70 characters would turn up to the concert organized. But on the day of the concert, only 80 characters came. Find out the percentage error in my calculation.


First, we will see the absolute difference as, i.e., 70 – 80 = 10

Next, apply the formula,

Percentage Error = Absolute Difference/Accepted Value×100

Percentage Error= 10/80×100 = 12.5 %

I had an error of 12.5%.

Usage of Percentage Error Calculator:

Suppose you are challenged to solve a sum where you are being asked to find out the percentage, which will be your desired answer. When you solve the sum manually, the possibility of making an error increases, and you may end up giving the incorrect solution to the whole equation.

Now, when you cross-check your answer and find out a different value, you must understand your mistake and rectify it by getting the Percentage Error.

Now, if you're using this remarkably handy and easy-to-use Percentage Error Calculator, you will be able to understand the difference between your measured value and the actual value. The difference which makes it the Percentage Error can be solved in a second by this tool.


Using this advantageous Percentage Tool will not only help you in getting rid of manual calculations but will also fasten the whole process of solving a particular sum. Since it is free of cost tool, one can try using it as many times as he/she requires to. Unquestionably, it is ready to go tool for assisting your mathematical needs.