Percentage Change Calculator

Online Percentage Change Calculator is a simple tool to calculate the percentage difference between 2 values. Instantly calculate the difference.


What is Percentage Change?

Percentage Change is a basic yet one of the most straightforward mathematics concepts representing the degree of change over a period. Used in many places such as in many aspects of mathematics, chemistry, and exponential growth and decay, Percentage Change's primary usage is in finance to calculate the price change of a security.

Similarly, the Percentage Change Calculator is a tool that will compute the percentage difference of two numbers( initial value and new value) for you.

How to Use Percentage Change Calculator?

If you are keen to find the Percentage Change among the two different values, you have two options. Either go to the mathematical hassle on your own and solve it after spending hours or else use this amazing Percentage Change Calculator and find the Answer on your own without bothering yourself.

If you’re smart enough to choose the second option, below are the given steps to find the Percentage Change by using this easy to go tool.

  • First of all, you are required to choose the Initial Value and enter it.

  • Now enter the Final Value.

  • Press Calculate

Once you press on Calculate, you will be able to figure out the Percentage change in the given field box. The Answer will be given clearly. Also, for your better understanding, the calculation will also be shown so that you can understand your errors and learn from them.

The good thing about this tool is that there is no limit to using this tool for calculating the Percentage Change. You can use it as many times as you require by clicking on the reset button.

Example of Percentage Change:

1. Determine the percentage increase of the rental car

If the monthly cost of renting a car is $789 in July and the owner has chosen to impose a latest price of $807.46 in the month of August. Calculate the percentage increase between July and August.

(807.46 - 789) / 789 × 100 = 18.46 / 789 × 100 = 2.339

Your car rent has increased by 2.34%. To check that: 789 × 1.0234 = 807.46

2. Calculate the stock decline in the percentage

The stock of a company decreases from 2345 pieces per day to 1870 pieces per day. What is the percentage decrease in the stock of this business?

(1870 - 2345) / 2345 × 100 = −20.256

The decrease in stock is equivalent to -20.26%. We can check that: 2345 × (1 - 20.26 / 100) = 2345 × 0.7974 = 1870 rounded to the nearest unit.

Usage of Percentage Change Calculator:

Talking about Percentage Change Calculator's usage, even in your daily day-to-day life, you will go through various aspects such as sales, tax, finance, inflation rate, physics, chemistry, and of course, mathematics.

When it comes to computing the growth or declining a variable, you will be required to go through finding the Percentage Change manually.

However, use this brilliant, techy-savvy tool. You will be able to figure out the Percentage change, i.e., Percentage increase or decrease in the value of two given numbers, instantly.


It was all about this wondrous and friendly Percentage Change tool that can make your calculations simpler in no time. Use this tool for getting an instant answer along with the calculations. If you enjoy using the tool, do not forget to share it with your friends who need it the most.