Percentage Increase Calculator

Online Percentage Increase Calculator is the fastest and simple way to find the increase from one value to another in terms of a percentage.


What is Percentage Increase?

Percentage Increase is the measure to determine the percentage change. It is defined as the ratio of increased value to the original value multiplied by 100. For calculating the increased value, one has to calculate it by the difference between the initial value and the final value. the formula given to calculate the Percentage Increase is as shown below-

Percentage Increase = [(Final value – Original value) × 100] / Original value %

Addressing the Percentage Increase Calculator, it is a free-to-use tool that can compute the Percentage Increase of any inputs given by you. The calculator makes the whole process faster and shows the answer in a moment.

How to Use Percentage Increase Calculator?

To calculate the Percentage Increase, it is obligatory to use the following formula mentioned above. If you have a profound knowledge of using this formula and figuring out the calculation, well and good.

If not, you can use this exceptional Percentage Increase Calculator and calculate the Percentage Increase on your own. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to find out the Percentage Increase.

  • In the first field given, enter the Initial amount.

  • In the next section, enter the Final amount.

  • Once you have filled the above spaces, tap on calculate

After going through the steps to use the tool, you will be given the whole sum within a minute. For instance, if you have entered ten as your initial amount and 100 as your final amount, your Percentage increase/decrease will be shown below.

Along with that, you will also know the difference in the percentage with the proper calculation for your better understanding and growth.

Example of Percentage Increase:

To understand the Percentage Increase better, let us now make a hypothetical situation and solve a sum.

Last year your favorite top cost $36 per piece. Now, this year, the same top cost $45 per piece. Now state the percentage increase in the price of these tops from the previous year to this year?

Percentage Increase = [ (Final Value - Starting Value) / |Starting Value| ] × 100

45 - 36 = 9

9 / 36 = 0.25

0.25 × 100 = 25%

Hence, your favorite top price has increased by 25% from the previous year to this year.

Usage of Percentage Increase Calculator:

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This will not only give you the exact inputs but will also show you how they reached the answer by providing you a step-by-step solution.


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