Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a free online plagiarism detector tool that can detect plagiarism from whatever text you throw at it.

What is Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism Checker is a revolutionary tool that can detect plagiarism from whatever text you throw at it.

We understand what text integrity is and how important it is for many people. As a result, we have developed this tool and deploy it free of cost as a goodwill gesture.

There is thorough text scanning involved within a span of a few seconds. In the end, the tool lets you know whether you are good to go or not. But wait, that is not all!

This tool even checks for text redundancy and highlights whatever flaws it finds. These flaws include duplicate text, copied content, and content that lacks proper citation.

You never know; an appropriate citation can even save you from a lawsuit. But wait, what is the significance of the Plagiarism Checker, and why should we use it?

Well, suppose you are working on an important composition, and you write something that gives you a Déjà Vu. Chances are you have read that particular thing somewhere, and your brain is simply connecting the dots for you. This is where the Plagiarism Checker tool comes into play.

All you have to do is to think and write and let us worry about the errors. Thus, from writing essays to editing screenplays, Plagiarism Checker will help you with all of it.

Checking for plagiarism is a healthy habit that would help you in creating original content. Not only does it promote good thinking, but it even keeps the mind healthy and fit. Also, you never know when you write something that is pure gold.

So don't let copied content spoil your masterpieces; get rid of it today. Use the Plagiarism Checker tool for free and enjoy creating original content.

Features of Plagiarism Checker:

You will be baffled to know that this simple tool has these many features and still manages to be light.

  • Advanced Text Scanning – This is done by comparing each word, sentence, and combination to the massive internet database. Plagiarism Checker ensures no discrepancy in the composition and that the text is safe to use.

  • Text Highlighting & Matching – If it comes across any compromised sentence, it will automatically get highlighted. There is a proper color combination for the text material; good sentences will be marked in green, paraphrases marked in orange, and plagiarised text in red/purple.

  • Source Detection – Plagiarism Checker comes across compromised sentences or phrases, and it will automatically add reference links to them. You can click on the links and check from the original sources. This way, you can be cent-percent assured and satisfied with the results you get.

  • Multilingual Support – Your text material might be a combination of more than ten different languages, but Plagiarism Checker will recognize it all.

  • Detection of Paraphrasing & Improper Citation – This tool is smart enough to understand when a text has been paraphrased and when it has been copied. As we have mentioned earlier, it thoroughly scans the document for all sorts of errors. It will let you know whenever a citation has been done incorrectly.

How to Use Plagiarism Checker?

It is straightforward to use this online Plagiarism Checker tool, and it does not require any technical expertise.

The interface is straightforward to understand. It has a simple text box where you are supposed to paste your textual content. You can even upload your text file in any of the accessible text file formats.

Follow these steps to perform a plagiarism check:

  • In the text box, either paste your content or upload the file.
  • Hit the Check button at the bottom of the text field.
  • Please wait until it completes its scanning process.
  • At the end of the scan, you will get a proper tabulated result for grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, and plagiarism.
  • As mentioned earlier, the results are color-coded to pinpoint the errors and get them rectified.

Plagiarism Checker even guides you to write better sentences, just like Grammarly.

It is a two-in-one tool that checks for copied content as well as grammatical errors for free. Websites that contain excellent content get ranked easily on the internet too.

Final Words:

Even if you are not a writer, Plagiarism Checker is a necessary tool for you. From high-school essays to editing a column for your local news blog, a cross-check is essential. There are many incidents where students have failed in college only because they copied a simple report from the internet.

Education is vital, and so is its application. Be wise and scan your content today. Not only is plagiarism-free content respectable, but it is also absolutely safe to use.

A simple plagiarism check will not just save you valuable time but will also keep you from making mistakes.

Plagiarism can be intentional and unintentional, so be wise enough to eliminate any content redundancy. Text duplication harms the overall SEO score of a website and can even get it banned. Plagiarism Checker is available for every person on the internet 24/7.

It is like that legal advice that you would want to keep close to yourself. Manually checking for errors is fine, but this tool works a lot more extensively and in a better way.

So, be smart and do not copy other people's work. Try the tool out today, and don't forget to share it with your friends!