Free QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator generates free Dynamic QR Codes with your logo for URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, Location, WiFi, Bitcoin, and more.

What is QR Code Generator?

QR Code Generator generates free Dynamic QR Codes with your logo for URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, Location, WiFi, Bitcoin, and more. If you're going to keep any website link, contact details, or any address, you need to type it, and then you can download it in a vector format of high-resolution .png files.

In QR Code Generator, QR stands for "Quick Response." QR codes are the 2-dimensional versions of the barcodes. These look like black and white pixels pattern. Denso Wave, in 1994, created QR codes to enhance the process of logistics and automobile production by Toyota.

However, currently, the QR codes have a wide range of users starting from mobile marketing to different marketing aspects. This can convey a wide array of information almost promptly by scanning the code with a device like mobile.

QR codes can store 4296 characters and 7089 digits that include special characters and punctuation marks. The QR code can read phrases like internet addresses. However, the static QR code is more complex when more data is added to it, the size and complexity increase.

A QR code can bear up to 30% of damage as this allows duplication without affecting readability by the scanners. You can get memorable marketing campaigns using these QR codes.

Features of QR Code Generator:

QR Code Generator is a cutting-edge technology tool that has the following features.

  • Free QR Codes for Commercial Use - Using QR code generated by QR Code Generator is 100% free, and you can use them for commercial purposes.

  • Generate Dynamic QR Codes - With a QR Code Generator, you can create dynamic codes for your customers.

  • Generate QR Codes With Logo - QR codes can be made with logos as well. Any QR code can stand 30% damage, and mostly 30% logo is kept in the QR codes apart from the sides.

  • Generate Customized QR Codes - You can make attractive and customized QR codes with different colors. You can use a color gradient to create your QR code more attractive and allure customers to scan it more.

  • Generate High-Resolution QR Codes - You can create high-resolution codes that can be scanned and converted into supreme quality .png or .jpeg images. You can get all design settings that you can use to customize the image you want as an output.

  • Generate Vector Formats QR Codes - You can create high-resolution QR codes without losing the quality. PDF and EPS formats are offered without the options of logo and design.

How to Use QR Code Generator?

  • Select the type of QR code you want to generate, like vCard, URL, Plain Text, or whatever your requirement is for your business.

  • Next, you need to fill in the details you need to put in your QR code, like your telephone number, address, and any other info, and when you are done, click on Generate button.

  • Now you are done with creating your QR code. You can choose a black and white color or color gradients to make your QR code stand apart in your business niche.

Final Words:

If you want to make your business stand apart from others, then QR Code Generator is mandatory. Also, if you're going to put multiple and vast arrays of information in a small place, then the QR Code Generator needs the hour.

If you're going to have marketing campaigns, then there is no other choice than the QR Code Generator that creates unique QR codes suitable for every business.

You can use QR Generator in multiple ways like, you can share a PDF file. It needs a scan only.

QR codes can save PDF files to brochures, menus, and every PDF file. In-App Store, show your QR code in Google Play or Apple Store, and it will display your app.

In vCard, promote your business more with just a scan. Get the vCard codes in your business card so that the customers can scan and get all the details. Also, this has a save to phone button that can directly save the scanned info into the phone.

While in social media, connect with your customers over the social media channels with just one scan. May it be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and any other social media platform. For Facebook, get likes from your followers and clients with just one scan by showing them only the desired content.

In the video, store the high-quality videos in the QR codes, share the videos with multiple people and increase customer interaction and engagement.

You can use the image gallery in a small QR code, and you can carry your entire photo gallery and show it off to your customers anytime. You can promote events with QR codes to get a greater reach.

Music can enhance the attractiveness of your print media with music by having them in the QR code; the easiest and most effective way to promote your coupon codes.

First-time customers can become loyal customers and get points with every consecutive visit. You can also get feedback from your customers to directly measure customer satisfaction sent to your inbox.

High-performing, mobile-friendly business pages can have your QR codes and reach more clientele at any given point in time. Also, Let your customers scan the QR code and offer ratings to your business. Just one scan and get the report in your inbox.

SMS marketing becomes easier the QR codes. The dedicated numbers will receive messages from the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use a QR Code Generator for commercial purposes?

- Yes, absolutely. Even this is a fantastic way to promote your business at a significantly lower cost.

2. What sort of information can I store in a QR code?

- You can store all sorts of information, like address, contact number, business details, customer feedback form, and everything in your QR code.

3. Can I calculate the number of times the QR code is scanned?

- Yes, you can do it. You can calculate the number of times and the timing when they are scanned. This will help you in expanding your campaigns.

4. Does the QR code expire?

- The static QR codes don't expire, and you can use them forever. However, if you change the link or delete it, the QR code will become non-scannable making it an expired one.

5. What is a Static and Dynamic QR Code Generator?

- A static QR code generator can create codes that are not editable. So, once you make them, you need to be very careful before printing them. Dynamic code generator creates dynamic codes that can be edited and changed as per your requirement, and they are indestructible.