IP Subnet Calculator

IP Subnet Calculator scans websites and IP addresses within the subnet. It is handy when you need to work with subnets and IPs.

Subnet IDSubnet AddressHost Address RangeBroadcast Address -
Subnet IDSubnet AddressHost Address RangeBroadcast Address -

What is Subnet Calculator?

Subnet Calculator is a free tool that comes in handy when you need to work with subnets and IP addresses. It saves a lot of time by dividing a network into subnets by subnet masking. It also scans websites and IP addresses within the subnet.

We all know how important subnetting is, and most of us frequently need subnetting to improve security, reduce congestion on the website, and so much more. But subnetting manually can be a difficult task; that’s why we developed the Subnet Calculator to help ease your problems and relieve you of the heavy and boring tasks that generally revolve around subnetting.

Subnet Calculator serves a lot of different purposes, starting with organizing a network by removing congestion. Secondly, it partitions a large number of networks so that there are now specific addresses to businesses.

With so many features that the Subnet Calculator has in store for you, subnet masking is essential. So many IT professionals use Subnet Calculator to boost their network security and organization.

With Subnet Calculator, you can create an assembled and organized structure that will help you have greater control over the movement of the information provided and in use.

Subnet Calculator is absolutely free to use, and with a bit of playing around with the tool, you can easily manage your subnets and IPs effectively.

Features of Subnet Calculator:

  • Subnet Scanning - Subnet Calculator conducts a deep scan to identify websites and IP addresses involved in your network's subnet. It reports on several pieces of information like an IP used, available, or transient. Subnet Calculator gives insight into the scanner tool into the network's reserved status, MAC address, last updated time, and switch details. It helps you understand how your network is being used in a simplified manner.

  • IP Subnet Discovery - The subnet Calculator is designed to eliminate the problems of managing IP addresses manually in spreadsheets. Subnet Calculator quickly identifies and updates device information which helps make IP discovery quicker and more accurate.

  • Comprehensive - It doesn’t matter if you run an enterprise or work alone. Subnet Calculator fits all your needs. With its comprehensive functionalities and features, you can perform several tasks on subnetting on Subnet Calculator. With Subnet Calculator, you can manage subnets in an error-free manner.

  • Subnet Range Calculator - The Subnet Range Calculator feature of the tool can help you quickly and accurately define subnet boundaries and help you with the subnet masks you need along with inverse masks, subnet size, host range, and broadcast address.

  • IP Address Tracking - Once your subnet is scanned. Subnet Calculator helps you organize your IP address through IP address tracking. It enables you to track which IP addresses are in use or available. Subnet Calculator with this specific feature helps you make conflict-free IP address assignments that are static and reserved.

  • Shows Subnets On Your Network - The IP subnet mask gives the network ID to the user for any given subnet. Subnet Calculator can help you analyze the valuable information about the many IP addresses available on your network with its subnet masking. This information helps administrators handlink the network to partition their network into subnets to find host locations and the number of hosts you need on your subnet. You can choose to see the subnet mask manually, but using our Subnet Calculator can do it in a fraction of time with precision and accuracy.

How to Use Subnet Calculator?

Subnet Calculator is easy to use and has a friendly user interface. You just need to know the fundamentals of using our effective Subnet Calculator.

  • Enter the IP address range or CIDR notation on the website.
  • The Subnet Calculator will automatically mention the IP address towards the end when you enter the range.
  • From the drop-down menu in the Quantity tab, select the number of subnets.
  • Set the size of the subnets from the size tab if you wish.
  • The Side Tab sts the low range of subnets.
  • Once you’ve entered the details, click on the Calculate button.

Now, the Subnet Calculator gives you an insight into the number of hosts that end with a specific IP address. You can also use the slider at the top, which can be used to adjust the subnet size.

With this, you can infer how easy it is to work on the Subnet Calculator. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to operate on this essential tool, and anyone who understands IPs and subnets can easily glide through its flexible and versatile interface.

Using Subnet Calculator is super easy, and it helps improve your security, your organization of networks without cramming up everything thus, preventing network congestion.

Final Words:

Performing network calculations can sometimes be complex and tedious when there are different parameters to consider, such as the number of subnets you have currently and the number of hosts required in a subnetwork, amongst others. This is when Subnet Calculator comes to your rescue, saving you from monotonous tasks and taking a lot of your plate.

It is a handy tool with a range of utilities that are a must-have for any IT professional, SLL learner, and cyber expert. It isn’t just free but also gives you comprehensive network management and monitoring solution. Our versatile Subnet Calculator is effective and a deciding facet to stay more organized on your network with its built-in subnet calculating functionalities.

The multi-functional intuitive visual and design flow of Subnet Calculator provides you with the best of both worlds. Subnet Calculator, in all ways, is the most straightforward tool that has every functionality to help you ease your subnetting experience.