Test Grade Calculator

Use Test Grade Calculator or Test Score Calculator to test the Grade, Statistics, and Percentage based on the number of points and wrong (or correct) answers.

What is test grade?

Test grade is defined as the grade you obtained in the quick or any competitive exams.

If you have appeared in any competitive exam, you will always want to find the percentage for that. You will require a test calculator tool that helps you evaluate the accurate ratio of the marks obtained.

What is a test grade calculator?

A test grade calculator is a tool mainly designed to help students evaluate the grade required in the final exam to reach the particular grade, or it also allows you to recognize how your test score will impact your grade.

If you are searching for tools that provide you the accurate results for setting a grade scale, a test grade calculator is definitely for you. It is also called a test score calculator; this tool helps you quickly evaluate the grade and percentage depending on the number of wrong or correct answers. However, you have the option to change the default grading scale and customize it as per your requirements.

Steps to use test grade calculator

If you are wondering how you can find your test score using the test grade calculator, then here are the steps given below:

  • To evaluate the percentage test score, you need to divide the top number by the bottom number.

  • You can take help from the basic calculator to evaluate the percentage grade. You can also use the test grade calculator to find the percentage grade and its correspondent letter grade.

  • After that, divide the top number by the bottom number. Let's understand with the help of an example, take 21/26 and copy it into the calculator as 21 ÷ 26.

How to use a test grade calculator?

Now the essential part of the test grade calculator is how to use it in a relevant manner. After you are aware of your grade you got in the school or college and finding your grade you scored in the assignment, you are very closer to evaluating your test grades. You need to use the effective test grade calculator tool and look where you stand.

  • Input the number of questions, points, or problems for which the students appeared, like their test, quiz, exam, or any extracurricular activities that carry grades. Let us assume that you have prepared for the test with 20 questions.

  • Enter the number in which students didn't get expected marks, which means that students should input the number of questions students failed to answer. But still, you can prefer to add the number in which you obtained positive points.

  • Now, the primary step thing in the test grade calculator or teacher grader tools displays the percentile and grade for the entered score. For example, let us assume students obtained 84% in the test, which corresponds to the grade letter B.

  • Here, you will see the complete grading table. So if you are looking to check your friend's test score, you can easily do it by entering the number of questions they have got wrong, and hence you will get their test grade.

Advanced options of test grade calculator

In our test grade calculator tool offers you several other advanced option. Above were some general forms of calculation, but our test grade calculator tool is an extra flexible tool that provides you the advanced options.

This offers you the advanced customized option to the students to customize their test scores using the calculator. Students are just suggested to tap on the advanced mode button given below the calculator; there, you will find additional two options that are:

  • Increment by box - With the help of this additional option, you can customize the table's view, which you will receive in the form of a table. The default number is 1, which states that the student’s receive an integer number of points. But at the time, there are the possible that you get half points that can utilize in the box to reveal the test grades' advancement.

  • Percentage scale - In the table, you can customize the default one's grading number. Didn't understood? Let us understand with an example, suppose that the test in which you appeared that was very hard, and now you wish to interchange the scale so that if you obtain 50% marks, you are passed (usually the passing percentage is 60% or even 65%). Customize the last box, the value of Grade D- ≥ from 60% to 50% to achieve the goal. You also have the option to change the value to the other ranges if you wish to.


Percentage score = correct questions/ total questions

As it is also be found out as correct question + wrong questions = total questions. It can be written as

Percentage score = (total number - wrong number) / total number.

Examples of test grade calculator

Let us understand with the help of an example, suppose you have attempted a total number of 20 questions out of which 17 questions were correct, and 3 questions were wrong, which can also be written as Fraction grade 17/20. You get the percentage grade as 85%, which corresponds to the letter grade B.

If you are not able to understand the system of a letter grade, then refer to the table mentioned below:

Number of questionsNumber of wrong numbersGrade (%)Grade (letter)

After referring to the table, you have to understand the grading system for US schools and universities. Moreover, the grading might differ depending on the school and teachers. Before starting with anything, make sure which method is used in your school and classes.

Understanding of letter grade

Grade (letter)Grade (%)

If you are getting confused with the +/- signs, then it might look like this:

  • Letter grade A means you got the percentage ranges between 90% to 100%

  • Letter grade C means you have acquired the grade percentage score between 80% to 89%

  • And in the case of letter grade C states that you have the git the percentage ranges between 70% to 79%

Difference between test grade calculator and grade calculator

Let us have a look at the primary difference between the test grade calculator and the grade calculator:

Test Grade calculator

  • It is an online test calculator more likely to be used by the teachers.

  • It is constructed mainly to calculate the tests grades, quizzes, and homework calculations to test your capabilities.

  • Test grade calculator tools help you find the percentage of your marks obtained in the test or semester.

Grade calculator

  • A grade calculator helps us to evaluate the score of the courses depending on the weighted averages.

  • With the grade calculator tool's help, you can also find the current course's assignment score.

  • Most importantly, they accept both numerical and letter grades.


As students are shifting towards the learning environment, appearing in tests and quizzes to check the progress of all these competitive exams is essential so that students can track their progress and focus on improving themselves. Due to which these assessments tools have become even more critical.

These tools help the students in generating real-time success. Fortunately, test grade calculator tools are the students' friend in tracking their progress and comparing it with the last one to determine the studies' improvement.