Time Calculator

Time Calculator is a simple general calculator and is a time calculator that can Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, and convert time units.

What is Time Calculator?

Time is the wisest counselor of all.

Time management is a skill one must masters. It takes years to learn this art and master it; one must keep the calculation of time timely. It is crucial not only for getting any particular skill but for the overall growth as well. Thus, to feed to the requirement, we have an innovative tool called Time Calculator.

Time calculator is an efficient tool that helps users in calculating time effortlessly. This tool will not solely aid you in adding it but also in subtracting as well. This comprehensive tool lets you add and subtract time to determine the difference and the number you get after addition.

How to Use Time Calculator?

Although it is not impossible, it is still challenging and time-consuming to add and subtract time units to figure out an answer. It will take some of your time. However, what could be better than a tool displacing your manual work? Sounds good?

This Time Calculator tool will provide you with an accurate answer within seconds. For this, all you need to do is to learn how to use this time efficient, time calculating tool for once and calculate TIME BY SAVING YOUR TIME.

Below mentioned are the measures to be followed to practice this tool.

  • First of all, fill the field of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds as per your preference. Note that you also can choose any or all as per your requirements.

  • Now select add or subtract according to your question.

  • Again fill the field by the numbers you either want to add or subtract from the above ones.

  • Tap on calculate

After processing the steps given above, you will get an absolute answer in the result fields. You can either add or subtract time by years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. There is no restraint in picking one or all. It is entirely up to your question and requirements.

Example of Time Calculator:

To have a better understanding of this tool, it is crucial to know the usage of the tool to ensure if you're using it at the right place or not. Hence, we have shared an example here that you can take as a reference for using this tool to simplify the process for you.

Suppose you're planning your weekend where you have to achieve specific tasks, after which you can freely go for a date. For this, you will write down all your homework to be completed along with each task's respective time.

  • Cooking meal- 30 minutes

  • Taking your dog to the walk- 30 minutes

  • Attending your Skype session- 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Weekend call with your parents- 52 minutes

Now before putting your feet up, you must complete all the above-written tasks for which you have already mentioned an approximate time. To give it a count without indulging yourself in any calculations, you will put the given time into the tool without changing their units.

For e.g., if it is 30 minutes, write 30 minutes in the minutes column and leave other field blanks. It will automatically become 0. once you add them all, use add, and the answer will be there.

Now with the same circumstances, if you want to know how much time will you be left in a day after subtracting the time taken from all these activities, you need to use the same tool and add the values to it. Once it is done, you need to choose to subtract this time, and the result will be there.


Wrapping up, this tool is a highly skilled and time-saving tool for calculating your daily activity's time. There is no harm in using this tool as it is entirely free and open for everyone, irrespective of how many times they try using it. So try this tool now and experience it with your mates.