Website Link Analyzer

Website Link Analyzer analyzes all the links embedded in your web page or website. Use it to organize and manage all of them under one roof.

What is Website Link Analyzer?

The Website Link Analyzer analyzes all the links embedded in your web page or website, thereby making it easy for you to organize, maintain, and supervise all of them under one roof. Any website generally contains two types of links, Internal links, and External links.

What is an internal link?

An internal link redirects you to some other portion of the website or any other webpage under the same domain. For example, your website's main page might contain an internal link to some other relevant portion of the same website.

What is an external link?

An external link redirects you to another web page under a different domain. Your website must have minimal external links to better ranking of your website compared to the internal links. This stems from the idea that a user once into your website has lesser chances to jump off to some other website.

Features of Website Link Analyzer:

Website Link Analyser contains a myriad of cool features. It acts as your one-hand rescue to several hyperlink-related problems. Among the various features, the ones worth mentioning are as follows:

  • Multiple Link Analysis - Website Link Analyzer can analyze both internal and external links. Moreover, it also gives you a report of spam and hidden links.

  • Better Optimization - This tool helps optimize Google searches related to your website by monitoring the backlinks and generating an accurate report.

  • Easy to Use - The Website Link Analyzer is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that significantly benefits you by getting alternate links to yield a better page ranking in various search engines like Google.

  • Informs you the whole picture - This tool also researches other websites that likely link to your website. It does so by providing information on the anchor text used and the nofollow tags, which can further impact a backlink's strength to your web page.

How to Use Website Link Analyzer?

Website Link Analyzer is an easy tool to use. It would be best if you had no prerequisites to understand the procedure for using this tool. All you need to do is to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Proper & Complete URL - The essential requirement for analyzing a website's links is to note down the accurate web address or the HTTP address whose analysis is to be performed.

  • Copy & Paste the URL - After that, you need to copy and paste the URL. The corresponding URL is to be pasted in the "Enter URL Here" dialogue box and then checklist internal or external link or both the links per your analysis requirement.

  • Click & Submit - The Website Link Analyzer will automatically scan the URLs and then create a report regarding the variety of internal, external, nofollow, dofollow links on the webpage.

Final Words:

As a website developer, it is a need of an hour to manage all of your owned web pages in a well and an assembled manner. So, you must possess a blend of good technical knowledge and the tools of the hour.

Therefore get yourself familiar with all the current developed digital technologies that can partner you in developing and maintaining your web pages.

Amongst the bazillions of webpage development and maintenance tools available, Website Link Analyzer is one of the first and foremost essential and valuable tools to provide your website ratings and optimize searches related to your websites.

This tool helps in analyzing all the links contained in your websites at one go. Moreover, it actively shows both the internal and the external links. Thereby making it easy for you to keep the right balance between the two that eventually helps you minimize the lower ranking of your websites and, more precisely, make it a better one in the medium of digital web hosting.

Diversion of traffic can be majorly eliminated by methodically maintaining your websites. As an SEO or webmaster, you can build, develop, and grow your web pages in an uncomplicated and structured manner. Therefore to avoid a transient spot in the digital business, the Website Link Analyzer must try out.

It becomes necessary for a laborious web page manager to maintain the web pages and ensure that traffic is not being deviated by external links or harmful links as the case might stand.

Now refrain from paying huge chunks of money and investing in SEO firms to optimize searches related to your websites. You can easily use the Website Link Analyzer to minimize the external links and other bad links that deliver the same for you.