Wordpress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector automatically scans the website to shows which WordPress Theme and Plugins are used to develop the site.

What is WordPress Theme Detector?

WordPress Theme Detector is a simple tool that automatically scans the website's source code and tells which WordPress theme is used to develop the site.

A similar question asked by most web designers is, What WordPress theme is that? True enough, we often end up getting addressed by the style and design of a particular website theme. If you have ever been in such a situation, the WordPress Theme Detector might come to your rescue.

It becomes essential for you to choose the correct WordPress theme for your websites to reach out to a broader audience pool in a fast and precise way.

WordPress Theme Detector comes in handy in such cases as it lets you know about every nook and corner of the website from which your content might be influenced, or instead, you might want to put out that same theme that you saw in a website while surfing the internet.

Apart from the WordPress Theme, it also informs you about other website plugins and information regarding the web hosting company and the price tag of the theme being used.

In case you want to design a great website that is both engaging and eloquent, then it's equally essential to blend your content with a scintillating theme in resonance with your website's basic content.

So you should try out the WordPress Theme Detector today and get to know all the relatable stuff regarding your favorite websites, as mentioned below.

Features of WordPress Theme Detector:

WordPress Theme detector provides you with a large number of features. You are just one click away from getting familiar with your favorite websites much deeper down the bone.

  • WordPress Theme Name - This is the first thing that strikes your mind after your eyes are stuck on a particular theme. It is the first and foremost important step you have to conclude before proceeding further.

  • Detect Theme Price - Everyone is conscious about affordability. The theme price range is completely budget-friendly. Get to know about the pricing of your favorite themes.

  • Link to Buy the Theme - If you have already decided on the theme and the price range is also reasonable for you, you can proceed to the next step. Get the link to download the theme in case you want to use it on your website.

  • Theme Screenshot - It lets you grab a screenshot of your favorite theme in your desired aspect ratio and image format.

  • Vendor Name - It lets you know the vendor name of that particular theme that you have an eye on, thereby making it easy for you to reach out to them directly.

  • Theme Version - There might be many different versions of the same theme that usually get updated and upgraded with time. This service also allows you to know the exact version of the theme you might have admired for a long time.

  • All the Plugins Used - It gives you a one-stop solution to know all the plugins used underneath the website and the theme it uses.

  • Each Plugin Price - It gives you the cost of each plugin, therefore, enabling you to choose between your wishes and your pocket.

  • Link to Download the Plugin - It gives you the direct download link to the plugins if you want to include them in your website.

How to Use WordPress Theme Detector?

Now that you have already realized WordPress Theme Detector's capability, it's time to dive deeper and know how to use the feature wisely to your benefit.

  • Enter URL - First and foremost, you should have the proper and full URL of the website or the particular webpage that you want to search.

  • Paste the URL - Then, you need to paste the same URL in the WordPress Theme Detector.

  • Code Scanning - After that, it will automatically fetch and scan the source code and provide you with all the information mentioned above.

Final Words:

All in all, the WordPress Theme Detector is an excellent tool to use just in case you seriously want to establish yourself as a successful web designer. It is helpful to web designers and bloggers.

The WordPress Theme Detector provides you with a great solution by unleashing the WordPress theme information.

Further giving details about its pricing and charges, information regarding its vendors, and direct links for downloading, thereby providing you with a one-stop destination to begin as a successful blogger or a web developer in the longer run.